The AT&T crapware on the carrier's LTE-equipped Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 is playing a game of musical chairs today. An OTA update rolling out to the device moves around some icons and basically just does weird stuff, but leaves it on Android 4.4.2.

Here's the official changelog for the update.

  • Modify home layout and Updating 3rd party applications:
    • AT&T FamilyMap
    • AT&T Locker
    • AT&T Mail
    • AT&T Ready2Go
    • Keeper
    • YPMobile
  • Replace Chrome with S Browser on the home screen
  • Change the weather widget to the smaller version
  • Add Chrome in the Google folder
  • Add AT&T AllAccess in the ATT folder

So Chrome will be a little harder to find in the Google folder, and the stock browser goes on the home screen. Then all the AT&T apps are moving around a little. Why? Because a junior product manager somewhere decided that's what should happen. If you don't use the stock home screen, this will not matter to you.