As of Christmas Eve, the soundtrack to the hit Disney movie Frozen sold more albums than any other in the year 2014. Yep, even more than Taylor Swift. In what is likely just one of several post-Christmas deals and freebies to come, Google is giving it away for free.


Now, if you aren’t a big fan of Frozen or its smash-hit track “Let it Go,” you might not want to share this information. We do not accept any responsibility for any family arguments that may result from your loved ones blasting this album on repeat. You may want to put aside your pride, though, because chances are you’ll find yourself humming along before you know it.

Google hasn’t given any indication as to how long this freebie will last, so grab it while you can. This is a digital download and does not require a subscription to Google Play Music All Access. You will need a credit card or PayPal associated with your Google account, though. The Play Store also has discounted some graphic novels, children's books, and other Frozen media that you can check out.

Thanks Techguy21

Frozen Original Soundtrack at the Google Play Store