Perhaps you're wondering what this Kodi thing is... well, it's XBMC. They just don't call it XBMC anymore. The latest version of this all-in-wonder media player and content organizer has been released, and you can get it on your Android device right now for zero dollars.


Kodi is cross-platform, so there are a ton of changes and fixes pertaining to one or the another, but here's what's specific to Android.

  • Better hardware playback support for various chips
  • Improved fast-forward and rewind
  • 4K support for the AMLogic s802 chipset
  • New Re-Touched skin replaced Touched skin on tablets.
  • Faster library scanning

Version 14 also adds support for the FFmpeg 2.4.4 codec on all platforms, meaning it can play h.265 and VP9 video. Additionally, there's better control over add-on updates everywhere, non-QWERTY keyboard standards, better UPnP, and more. You can check out the full blog post to get all the details and download the Kodi APK.