You need never be plagued by a haunting tune you just can't identify in this modern world. There are plenty of apps that can ID a song in mere seconds, but the new version of SoundHound adds a cool trick. It can add songs you ID to a Spotify playlist for easy listening. This functionality was debuted a few months ago for Rdio, but I'd wager there are more Spotify users out there.



 Here's the full changelog for the new version.

  • Now you can add your SoundHound searches to a Spotify playlist! Connect and your future searches will automatically be added.
  • Stay up to date with new music releases on the homepage and charts section
  • See which artists are celebrating a birthday every day

The Spotify integration isn't the only change, but it's definitely the most important one. Just connect SoundHound to your Spotify account and all the songs you ID will be added to a playlist in Spotify. If you wanted to know what song was playing, you might want to listen to it, right?