Part of me is completely smitten by this infant seat, the other is appalled by how little we seem to hold, care, or connect with our babies. But I guess there are legitimate uses for a seat that replaces human motions, like for parents who suffer from back problems, those who need to get work done around the house with no one else there to help, and those whose babies start crying uncontrollably the moment they are put down. If you're just a lazy parent who needs someone (or something) else to rock your baby while you sit on a couch and watch a sports game, I got not sympathy for you.

With that small disclaimer out of the way, mamaRoo is definitely awesome. It's an electric infant seat built to comfort and calm your baby in all possible ways. It bounces up and down, sways from left to right, reclines to adjust to the best position, has 4 built-in soothing sounds and an Aux-In port for your personal music, and 3 reversible toys hanging and bouncing above the baby's head.


Cuteness overload!

5 different motions are pre-programmed in the seat, with 5 varying speeds for each. One of them is a car ride mode that could simply save you from having to drive little Johnny for 2 hours every evening to calm him down. Others emulate a tree swing, a kangaroo bounce, and more.


While the mamaRoo has dedicated controls built into it, this new version of the seat is also Bluetooth-connected, enabling you to change its motion, speed, music, and volume from an Android (or iOS) smartphone. That's perfect if the baby starts to cry or gets annoyed while you're not readily able to reach the seat and adjust the settings. The app is free, but the mamaRoo starts at $239.99 for the most basic colors and options.

Developer: 4moms
Price: Free

Source: 4moms mamaRoo, Press Release