In its latest update, Lyft has finally added the capability to split fares among passengers. This is a pretty important feature and one that puts it on par with top competitor Uber, which has had fare splitting for well over a year. For those who travel in groups, this makes Lyft a more viable option.


Dividing the cost with others is fairly simple. In the “ride options” menu, there is a “split payment” entry. Tap that and you’ll be taken to your contact list, where you can choose up to five other people to include in your cost sharing. Each will receive a text directing them to either open or download the Lyft app to accept. Sorry, you can’t force anyone to split the fare. It might be a little cumbersome for people to get set up with Lyft for the first time, but it’s still more elegant than hounding your friends for a few bucks.

As Lyft would probably like to remind you, a ride shared with five people is kind of like an 80% discount. Maybe more important is that you won't have to do any exchanging of cash or favors among yourselves, which is usually awkward at best. Either way, this is a welcome update.