Dolphin, one of Android’s most popular third-party browsers, continues refining its Lollipop experience after initially rolling out a compatible release a month ago. Now, with Flash support, Android 5.0 devices should have feature parity with KitKat and earlier systems. In addition to the Flash upgrade, Dolphin has a grab-bag of enhancements that apply to all 4.x users.

The most fun new doodads are some Christmas-oriented themes.

Screenshot_2014-12-23-18-52-05 Screenshot_2014-12-23-18-52-50 Screenshot_2014-12-23-18-53-48

Maybe not the most integral feature, but their themes are fairly well-done.

Here’s the full changelog:

  • [Add] Flash support and enhanced browsing experience on Android 5.0
  • [Add] Merry Christmas! Check out gorgeous Christmas wallpapers in Theme.
  • [Add] Sync speed dials, add-ons, themes, settings and more via Dolphin Connect
  • [Add] Share pages between devices using NFC (permission “control Near Field Communication”)
  • [Add] Auto-clear app storage when device storage is not enough (permission “measure app storage space”)
  • [Improve] Gesture and sonar
  • [Improve] Auto-hide bottom bar when browsing webpages

For those looking for an alternative to Chrome, Dolphin remains one of the best. Don't forget that you'll need Flash installed to use it with Dolphin. When you run into some Flash content with Dolphin's default settings, you'll be directed to a download link when trying to activate that element if you don't have it already.