Raise your hand if you like carrier apps added to your phone. Anyone. Go ahead, don't be shy. Well if you don't, here's a great example of why companies like AT&T should leave the software alone. An over-the-air update to 4.4.4 for the carrier-customized version of the Galaxy Note 3 was sent out on November 28th, then unceremoniously pulled. A previous message on the support page explained why:

Update: The software update for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (SMN900A) is temporarily on hold, effective November 28, 2014. Samsung is working with AT&T to resolve a reported issue with ATT Address Book synch on the latest Samsung Note 3 operating software update.  Consumers who are using this application may experience deleted contacts from their address books. Once a solution is identified, customers will receive a notification regarding a re-release of the Note 3 software.

Good job, AT&T. I'm sure the amazing functionality of your Address Book app (you know, the one that duplicates a feature built into every cell phone ever) was worth delaying your customers' app update for almost an entire month. Make sure and keep AT&T Navigator app on the phone too, we wouldn't want to go without that!

Ahem. So the newly-corrected update is rolling out today. In addition to fixes for the AT&T Address Book, users get the Note 3 Value Pack from Samsung, which includes the following apps and updates:

  • Kids Mode
  • Side Sync 3.0
  • Safety Assistance – Send Help Message
  • Camera enhancement – Virtual tour
  • Knox 2.0

Oh, and an update from Android 4.4.2 to Android 4.4.4. That too.

Long-time Android owners know the drill: wait for the OTA update message, do a manual check in the Settings menu, or try and track down the ZIP file for a manual flash. The update will not go out over the mobile network, you must connect to Wi-Fi. Some of you will get the update today, others will need to wait a week or more. Any modifications to the system or recovery may cause the update to fail. The previous version was about 500MB, and this one shouldn't be too much more.

Source: AT&T