The Team Win Recovery Project (more commonly known as TWRP) is easily the most popular custom recovery used by Android enthusiasts at this point. The latest release, which should apply to all of the current official builds, adds a handful of new features and a bunch of bug fixes. The biggest change is that the ADB sideload method has been modified to more closely align with the AOSP implementation, which keeps the update ZIP file on your computer rather than your phone or tablet.

Other notable differences include an update to SuperSU version 2.40 for root-keeping purposes, compatibility with the AArch64 libraries in the Nexus 9, and a host of other small changes that should have it running more smoothly in general. Users of the Moto G 2014 model now have an official build for their phones as well, which is a very good thing, since Motorola has become a popular manufacturer for ROM and root fans as of late.

- MTP will now tell the host PC that storage is removed instead of disabling MTP completely
- MTP will now report the correct max file size based on the file system in use to the host PC (may fix transfer of large files)
- Update and improve fix permissions and make fixing contexts optional
- Update SuperSU in TWRP to 2.40 and update install process
- Make TWRP work properly on AArch64 (Nexus 9 is now built in true 64-bit binaries and libraries)
- Attempt to set correct permissions and contexts on all files placed in storage so backups will show in Android
- Fix kernel panic during MTP start on some devices
- Support unicode fonts on devices with True Type Font support
- Fix slider value not showing sometimes (vibration settings page)
- Toggle MTP off during adb sideload to set correct USB IDs
- Reduce library requirements for 5.0 L decrypt
- Other minor fixes and improvements

To apply the new version of TWRP, download the build for your device from the official website and flash it using the Fastboot tool from your desktop or laptop. In order to sideload ZIPs, you'll need to be using the latest version of the official ADB tool, 1.0.32.

Source: TWRP 1, 2