Asus has been teasing a new phone announcement for CES, but phones need wireless certifications, and sometimes those documents give away more than intended. Such appears to be the case for the "ZC451CG," which the product description submitted to the Bluetooth Special Interest Group calls a successor to the ZenFone. This might be what Asus plans to unveil at CES.

2014-12-22 16_20_02-The Official Bluetooth SIG Member Website

The description lists some (modest) specs including a 4.5-inch 480x854 screen, 1GB of RAM, a 2100mAh battery, 5/0.3MP cameras, and Android 4.4.2. Asus will again be using a dual-core Intel Atom processor, but the document doesn't say which one in particular. Oh, it'll have Bluetooth 4.0 too. That's actually the whole reason this document exists.

If you were hoping for a high-end device out of Asus, it looks like that isn't happening. There's also no sign of any dual-camera setup as the video seemed to hint at, but that might have simply been some video trickery, not a representation of the actual product. The doc actually says "Dual Cameras (Front and Rear)," which is an odd phrasing. We'll find out whether or not this is the rumored device in a few weeks at CES.

[Bluetooth SIG – Thanks, Adam]