It isn't often that we issue a Deal Alert for a phone that still costs more than $500 after a discount, but thanks to AT&T's somewhat inflated pricing, this one qualifies. The carrier-branded version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 flagship is being sold on eBay for $659.99 today. That's a bit more than $160 off of AT&T's off-contract price for the phone, and still $50 cheaper than the international version of the Note 4 on Amazon.


International readers, your eligibility for this deal is hit-or-miss. While the seller lists "worldwide shipping," it excludes "Africa, Asia, Middle East, Southeast Asia, [and] South America." If you manage to dodge those restrictions, make sure you also don't reside in Mexico, Ukraine, Greece, Cyprus, or the Czech Republic. Not even all of the United States can get in on the action, because shipping is also off-limits for Alaska, Hawaii, the US protectorates, and anyone with a P.O. box. If you're still with us, Americans can get free economy shipping, and those outside of California will have to carefully calculate their state and local sales taxes and include them on their 2014 tax return. Hahaha, that one always gets me.

This phone is "unlocked" in the sense that it will accept non-AT&T SIM cards, but it's still limited by its 3G and LTE radio bands. That means it should work on any MVNO that uses AT&T in the US, and most GSM networks internationally, but your LTE coverage may fluctuate in international markets. Black and white color options are still available at the time of writing.

Frugal Android fans might want to wait a few more months - the Note 4 is still a relatively new flagship, and better deals may pop up after the holidays. This is an eBay Daily Deal, so don't expect it to stick around once Sunday is over.

eBay - AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (unlocked): $659.99