LG's G Pad 8.3 is, at least for the moment, the company's most high-end tablet available on Verizon's proprietary CDMA/LTE network. Today this carrier-specific model (VK810) gets a small software update to address one big user issue, one small carrier issue, and an outdated app. The latter is the Redbox streaming video app, formerly supported by Verizon, and now out of service. The latest update removes the RedBox app completely.

g pad

The other changes in Verizon's standard update PDF are enabling LTE roaming (which wasn't enabled by default, for some reason) and fixing some problems users encountered when powering the device on. Verizon doesn't use other carriers' LTE towers for roaming in the United States, so I assume the roaming option is being enabled for travelers who opt-in to one of Verizon's international roaming plans. The power problems haven't been reported to us, so either it hasn't affected the majority of users... or the number of Verizon G Pad 8.3 owners is so low that the problem is only apparent to Verizon's support staff.

The OTA update should be headed to at least some G Pad 8.3 owners today, though others will have to wait a week or more for it to reach them. As always, any modifications to the standard software may cause the update to fail. Verizon's update PDF doesn't say how big the VK81023A package (still 4.4.2) is, but I'm guessing it won't be more than 50MB based on the changelog.

Source: Verizon support (PDF link)