Unified Remote is a remarkably powerful app for remotely controlling the functions of your PC. (Not your TV, unless you have an IR port.) The last beta release of the app, which used the frustrating Google Groups testing system, implemented remote control support via an Android Wear app. Now you can get that Wear support in the standard Play Store version, no beta opt-in necessary. You'll need the full version, a $4 add-on, to access the Wear app.

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Using the customization tool in the phone version of Unified Remote, simple commands from the various hardware and web service functions of the Unified Remote server can be accessed on your wrist. It's particularly useful when combined with a tool like the Wear Mini Launcher. The Unified Remote notification is also semi-permanent, allowing users to access the buttons with a simple swipe.

Other changes in this version of Unified Remote include the usual UI and performance improvements. The Wear app should appear on your digital watch as soon as you install both the standard and premium app. To configure Unified Remote with your computer, you'll need the free PC server application. Dozens of plugins for popular programs like VLC and Netflix are available.

Unified Remote
Unified Remote
Developer: Unified Intents
Price: Free