Those Google+ users who often use the service for posting videos now have some exciting new tools. The automated enhancements for photos has been available for more than a year, and now the feature is coming to videos as well. Videos uploaded to the service that are flagged by Google's automated system can be enhanced with improved stability, color correction, and lighting enhancements. Improvements to sound for better voice quality are planned for a future update.

On the web, any video that's uploaded to Google+ will be analyzed by the back-end system, and users will be auto-alerted when any enhancements can be applied. To manually apply the enhancements, open the "More" menu and select "auto-enhance." On Android, the option is only available in the semi-separate Google+ Photos app (the one with the pinwheel icon). Open a single video, press the menu button, and then press "auto-enhance." This might not be active for all users - I'm not seeing the option on my Nexus 6.

One of the cooler functions on the new video enhancement tool is the side-by-side comparison. When you choose the auto-enhance option, the unedited video and the enhanced video will show in a side-by-side preview. Since there aren't any user-accessible options for the changes, it's a handy way to immediately decide whether or not you want to edit the video or leave it in its original form. Be sure to check out the framing and resolution - the stability enhancements in particular can result in lower clarity.

Source: Tim St. Clair (Google+)