DualBoot Games, the makers of the Live Wallpapers that our team had taken a shine to back in 2012-2013, have been in a deep slumber for many moons. But they have just risen up (the forced metaphors will make sense in a bit, trust me) and released, of all things, an Android Wear watch face: Celestial 3D.

Celestial builds on DualBoot Games' animations and design capabilities to create one of most impressive and intricate watch faces I have seen on Wear so far. Each time your watch turns on, the dial rotates and the inner metallic glow moves a bit as if you had just tilted a real watch toward you. The entire face seems to execute a bit of a parallax effect sometimes, a globe appears out of nowhere and spins at some points, and there's even an option to customize an engraving with a photo on the "back" of the watch.

But we haven't gotten to the reason the watch is titled Celestial yet. It follows the sun and moon's motions in your specific geolocation and changes its colors throughout the day with shades of blue, purple, yellow, and red. The Always-on mode is worthy of being a watch face on its own. Tron-blue hues punctuate the hourly marks and the hands, with lighter blue concentric circles for the background and thinner lines for the dial.

Celestial 3D costs $0.99, but it requires Android Wear 5.0 or above so you won't be able to use it unless your watch already received the update.

Celestial 3D Watch Face
Celestial 3D Watch Face
Developer: DualBoot Games
Price: $0.99