According to Wayne Piekarski, senior developer advocate for Android, Wear, and Glass, the rollout of OTA updates to Android Wear 5.0 is complete now, meaning all users should have - by this point - had the opportunity to download and install the update if their watch is paired with a phone.

Piekarski reminds watch face makers that time is ticking to migrate their faces to the official Watch Face API. Google says watch faces not using the official API will have support dropped after January 31, 2015.

The OTA updates for Android Wear 5.0 have been rolled out to all users yesterday, so everyone should have been given the opportunity to install the update on their device if paired with a phone. I wrote a blog post about the new features available including the Watch Face API. With the OTA at 100% now, it is important that you now migrate over your unofficial watch faces to the new API by January 31, 2015. So enjoy the update, and happy coding!  #AndroidWear

Source: Wayne Piekarski (Google+)