Although I'm not a to-do list kind of person, I have had to change my habits ever since I became a small business owner and had to manage multiple orders, payments, and responsibilities throughout the day. Todoist became my de-facto solution for various reasons that aren't the goal of this post, but the one aspect of the app that kept nagging me a bit was the lack of Android Wear integration.

Sure, I could use the mirrored rich notification to mark a task as completed, but that was the extent of the watch support. I couldn't add a new task, post a comment, or check my lists directly from my wrist. The wait, however, was worth it because Todoist just got updated with complete and well thought-out Wear integration.

There are three aspects to Todoist's Wear features. First, the rich notifications have become more powerful. If you get notified about a due task on your watch, you can mark it as completed, but also reschedule it, and there's an option to dictate comments for shared tasks. Second, voice commands are now supported so after starting Todoist from your watch, you simply say, "add task to X," and it will be sent to your to-dos. And last, whenever you're browsing Todoist from your phone, a new option lets you send a task list to your watch. This works well when you're grocery shopping or when you want to soldier through various tasks rapidly and efficiently.

There are a few more general fixes in Todoist's latest update and they're all listed in the changelog below:

What's New

• Android Wear support
• Performance improvements, specially around syncing
• Date parsing improvements
• Time zone handling improvements
• Bug fixes

Source: Todoist Blog

Todoist: To-Do List, Tasks & Reminders
Todoist: To-Do List, Tasks & Reminders