Do you like side-scrolling? Do you like running? Do you hate the Amazon Appstore? If you answered yes to the preceding questions, get ready to get happy. Halfbrick Studios has released Monster Dash in the Play Store after first debuting it on the Appstore last week. It's got running, shooting, and tons of monsters.

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Monster Dash has been on iOS for years, but it just got an update over there, and now the new and improved version is on Android. The gameplay is about what you'd expect. You run from left to right across the screen, jumping over chasms and shooting monsters to collect the delicious gold they are carrying. The gold lets you upgrade your character with better gear.

Each of the worlds in Monster Dash have their own classic monster vibe--vampires, mummies, and so on. The graphics are what we've come to expect from Halfbrick. It's cartoony, kind of blocky, and clean. The game is $0.99 to start, but the Ghostbusters content is another $1.99 via an in-app purchase. There are also three currencies in the game. It's a bit of an IAP minefield.

Monster Dash
Monster Dash
Developer: Halfbrick Studios
Price: Free+