Minecraft is what you make it. Mojang has excelled at creating an open world game that captures the hearts of children and grown-ups everywhere, but it has done so without a memorable plot lingering in people's minds. What if it weren't just the game's unique visuals that stuck with people? What if there were something more? Enter Minecraft Story Mode, a collaboration between Mojang and developer Telltale Games that's set to arrive in 2015.


Telltale Games, praised for works including The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us, knows how to create captivating story-driven point-and-click games. This new series will be based on the world of Minecraft, but it will stand alone as a separate title. The episodic game will feature an original story starring new characters created just for this adventure.

Minecraft Story Mode will come to consoles, computers, and mobile devices—Android included. Visit the source links below to see what both Mojang and Telltale Games have to say about their cooperative project.

Sources: Mojang, Telltale Games