Slowly, ever so slowly, mobile platforms are approaching "console quality" for high-end games. Given that this is a pretty nebulous term in and of itself, I'd say that in fact developers' skills in adapting the big-screen experience to touchscreen controls and using the limited resources available on mobile hardware to the fullest are much more important than any graphical upgrade. But enough rambling: EXILES, a new 3D sci-fi shooter from publisher Crescent Moon Games, is now on the Play Store.

We got a first look at Exiles: Far Colony last month, when it debuted in the latest Humble Bundle for Android. At that point the game was still being shown in an "alpha" stage - if you bought it as part of the bundle, you should see an update from Humble for the release version. (If not, give Humble and Crescent Moon an earful.) EXILES, now without the subtitle, is an over-the-shoulder shooter in the vein of Gears of War or Shadowgun. But based on a brief look at the story in the trailer, it looks like EXILES is leaning more towards the Mass Effect series for story and setting inspiration. Vehicles and mech suits will help you traverse exotic landscapes, meet interesting aliens, and then kill them.

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The visuals are somewhere between Xbox and Xbox 360 levels, in my estimation. But based on Crescent Moon's work on Ravensword and other titles, you shouldn't need the latest and greatest Android hardware to run it (though it wouldn't hurt). EXILES features a wide-open world and some nifty features like a day-night cycle, but there's no mention of controller support. The game costs $6.99 with no ads or in-app purchases. 

Developer: Crescent Moon Games
Price: $6.99