Brits have been able to stream BBC audio content to the iPlayer Radio app for a couple of years now, as long as they're using a phone. Now the company has decided to spit out an alternative made just for tablets, and it's included a few new features to boot.


A tablet comes with a few inherent advantages over a phone, and this app taps into that for full effect. That large screen leaves users with controls for easily managing both live and on-demand content. It also allows more of the guide's information to fit on-screen at once. Things are viewable in both landscape and portrait mode, so you can hold your tablet however you wish.



Some features aren't ready yet but are already slated for future versions, such as the option to save things for later, view music track listings for radio programs, and add tracks to BBC Playlister. Here's what you get from the app in its current form.


  • Improved live and on-demand listening, with easy-to-access playback controls throughout the app.
  • More programme info on schedule pages, making it easier to pick something to listen to.
  • Easy-to-navigate category pages, so you can find programmes to suit your mood.
  • Improved visual designs mean it works in both portrait and landscape.
  • Easier-to-find local radio stations.

Your tablet may not be as portable as your phone, but in the comfort of a home, this can be a good way to manage the audio streaming through a good set of Bluetooth speakers. I imagine so, anyway. As usual, this stuff is only available to people who register in the UK.

The app was not found in the store. :-(