Trello for Android, a popular task management app that describes itself as "a whiteboard with super powers," got a big update today, introducing the app's "first foray into material design." The update comes with revamped layouts, new navigation paradigms, and tons of aesthetic improvements.

In a post to the Trello blog, Dan Lew explains that the revamp was "a ton of work," noting that not a single corner of the interface went unnoticed - the entire interface was given close inspection with Google's new design philosophies in mind, but Lew stresses that the core experience remains the same.


Those not running Android Lollipop needn't worry - the app is compatible with 4.0.3 and above, with most of the app's material-inspired goodness available to anyone running the app (some things, as Lew rightfully notes, simply aren't possible on older platforms yet).

Using the updated app on my Nexus 9, the experience is pretty slick. There are a few areas (like swipe to refresh) that aren't perfectly in line with Google's spec, but overall it's a nice update to an already helpful app.

Interactions feel intuitive and look nice, and Trello has even integrated some special treats like an animation for the speed dial-ish FAB on cards, triggering a lineup of options for adding new content.

Cards make smart use of imagery, and feel appropriately sized on different form factors - full screen on phones, and pop-over on tablets like the N9, similar to Google's Calendar.

Trello says the update will be rolling out "over the next couple days," so you may not see it instantly. Still, if you're not already a Trello user, now is a great time to give it a shot.