If OnePlus is good at anything, it's building hype. We experienced months of that early this year during the lead up to the OnePlus One announcement. The company started playing up a "Go Further" announcement the other day for 12/17. Well, here we are and guess what... it's a battery. An external battery with USB ports and stuff called the OnePlus Power Bank. Oh.


In the midst of all the drama over the OnePlus One in India, the impending release of the OnePlus Android ROM, and rumors of a new phone, this is what OnePlus has decided to hype with cryptic social media posts? The battery itself is a 10,000mAh unit with two USB ports. It's coming soon for the low, low price of $14.99.


I will remind you that OnePlus is based in Shenzhen, the capitol of cheap "power banks." If you'd told me yesterday that OnePlus had an external battery for sale in its accessory store, I would have totally believed you because that's really not a big deal. There are innumerable similar devices on Amazon for about the same price. The OnePlus battery will match your OnePlus One, though. It comes in Sandstone Black or Silk White.

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