Are you eager to communicate your current hung-over status to your entire social circle without having to tell each and everyone of them to stop messaging you? Then you'll be thrilled at the latest update to Google's Hangouts messenger service. Actually, "update" might not be the right word - I suppose "retrofit" is more appropriate. On the Chrome app and the Hangouts portion of Google Plus, you can now set a semi-permanent status that appears to all interested parties.


This isn't really a new idea, in fact it's been a part of older messaging services for as long as I can remember (including Google's own Talk). But it's a nice addition if you want to let people know why they should or shouldn't contact you, or you just want to goof off. To set your status on the web, click the downward-facing arrow next to the "New Hangout" field. This will open the settings menu, and the Status field sits right at the top. In the floating Chrome app, just click the gear icon to open the settings menu directly. Emoji are available in both places, if you really must have them.

User-selectable status messages aren't yet available in the Android Hangouts app, but I'm sure the feature is slated for a future update.

Source: Google Plus Daily - thanks, Moshe!