I've always loved accessories for my mobile gadgets, and docks are typically some of my favorites. But in a world packed with more docks than you can shake a stick at (I oftentimes shake sticks at docks for whatever reason), it's difficult to find something new and compelling. In fact, the last dock I was truly impressed by was 2040's Arq Dock, a pretty versatile little dock in its own right.


When I found out about the Sarvi dock - a sort of progression of the Arq Dock in a way (the guys from 2040 teamed up with the gents from Sarvi for this one) - I knew I needed to check it out. It puts a new twist on all the things I like about the Arq dock, and even brings a couple of features to the table that I always wished Arq had. Before we jump into the quick hands-on, here's a look at Sarvi's Kickstarter video:

If you've used Arq dock (or even checked it out in any capacity), then you already get the idea behind Sarvi. It's customizable in that it can use a variety of different cables, from microUSB and Lightning, to Samsung's USB 3.0. It also works with essentially any case on the market because the cable height can be adjusted to accommodate. It's very cool.

One thing I think it does better than Arq is support the device. Where Arq uses a couple of pins to hold the device, Sarvi has a full back with a small non-slip pad. It doesn't make a dramatic difference on smaller devices like phones, but I definitely appreciate the extra support with tablets.

wm_IMG_4463 wm_IMG_4464 wm_IMG_4465

That brings me to my favorite feature of Sarvi: the landscape kit. Oh man, how I love the landscape kit. It's the simplest thing in the world, but it works so damn well. It's basically a small metal adapter that sits on top of the USB plug holder and creates a second platform to rest the device on without having to actually use the attached USB/Lightning plug. I literally love everything about this, and the implementation couldn't be cleaner. You can leave it in place all the time if you like, but it just slides off if you're not using it. So good.

Since Sarvi was designed in conjunction with 2040, you know what else it has? PuGoo nano pads on the bottom. Just like Arq, this will keep it from moving around on the desk/table, and also allows for one-handed undocking of the device. I dig it.

wm_IMG_4470 wm_IMG_4473 wm_IMG_4474

If I had to find one "complaint" (I'm using this word very loosely) with the Sarvi Dock, it's the setup process. It's very customizable, so that means it's not something you can pop out of the box, toss it on the desk, and be done. It takes a fair bit of setup, which some users may find to be cumbersome. I personally enjoy this bit of hands-on work, so I don't mind it as much. Mounting the cable is virtually identical to how it's done with Arq, but there's also an extra piece on the bottom (show in the last image above) that has to be screwed into place once the cable is locked down - how hard the screws are torqued down determines how adjustable the USB mount is, which is just one more bit of customization you get with Sarvi.


While this project has already reached its $30,000 goal on Kickstarter, there are still 34 days remaining at the time of writing. $30 will score one Sarvi in the color of your choice - silver, gold, or black - along with the landscape kit and everything else you'll need to get started. While I'm typically hesitant of Kickstarter campaigns for a variety of reasons, I have zero issues with fully recommending this one - it's a great product from a company that I know and trust (2040). For more info on Sarvi and to secure one for yourself, check out the Kickstarter page.