Coming in four years after the previous skirmish, Brothers in Arms 3 has stormed into the Play Store with a battalion of fresh troops, air support, and vastly updated graphics (erm, there goes the metaphor). That last point is the real draw here. Gameloft teased Brother in Arm 3's eye-melting visuals over the summer, and the final product hasn't fallen too far off the mark. The studio has taken its time with this game, and it shows.


Brothers in Arms 2 was a first-person shooter. The sequel shifts the perspective to a third-person perspective, and the gameplay has changed as a result. You're now diving into a cover-based experience, where instead of charging head on into gunfire, you're encouraged to hide behind things and pop out only after you're aimed your shot.


The campaign is divided into short missions with basic objectives such as reaching a certain location while taking as little damage as possible and destroying x number of targets along the way. The better you do, the higher your score and the better your rewards. It's a formula that mobile gamers should know by heart.

Screenshot_2014-12-17-13-18-39 Screenshot_2014-12-17-13-21-45

Screenshot_2014-12-17-13-50-39 Screenshot_2014-12-17-13-52-38

To reiterate, Brothers in Arms 3 is a Gameloft title, and since it's free to play, you should know what you're in for. There's virtual currency, which you can buy in bundles ranging from $1.99 to $99.99. There's also an energy system, with each stage requiring fuel to jump into.

Screenshot_2014-12-17-13-51-02 Screenshot_2014-12-17-13-52-10


Around these parts, those elements are what we would consider to be not fun. But if you don't find them particularly bothersome, or even if you do, this looks like one war effort worth volunteering to join.

Brothers in Arms™ 3
Brothers in Arms™ 3
Developer: Gameloft SE
Price: Free+