A number of our readers have witnessed a change after opening up the Facebook app. The social network is apparently testing out an updated version of the user interface that sports a flatter look and more colorful, circular icons. We wouldn't call it a big Material redesign, but it does show signs of trying to better fit in.

nexus2cee_Screenshot_2014-12-16-09-44-45 nexus2cee_Screenshot_2014-12-16-21-18-56 nexus2cee_Screenshot_2014-12-16-21-19-17

Here's how things look in motion.

As usual, the change appears to be triggered server side. This means that there's no APK we can provide you that will deliver the goods. We don't even have access to the updated look ourselves. But you do need to sign up for the beta if you want even a chance of seeing this change in the short term. Apparently the beta version is not needed for this to take effect. It's entirely luck of the draw.

Developer: Facebook
Price: Free+

Thanks, Danielle Blumenstyk, Brooks Brewer, and José Alvarez Núñez.