Business owners already keep up with Yelp, as reviews can make or break sales. But at the end of the day, the mobile app remains a consumer-facing piece of software, encouraging users to check out which establishments are hot and leave their own feedback.

While Yelp isn't changing its main app, it has released a separate one that acknowledges how much attention the people running restaurants and stores pay to the service. Yelp for Business Owners lets these folks follow analytics and reach out directly to consumers who leave them reviews. It goes so far as to deliver notifications whenever someone leaves a message or review.

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The software takes tools provided on Yelp business pages and makes them pocket-friendly. It's available in every country and language that Yelp supports. If you already have a Yelp business account set up, you can take your operation mobile by checking out the app in the Play Store below.

Source: Yelp blog