The phone that's causing all those headaches for OnePlus in India appears to be just a day away from launch. The Micromax Yu will be available only from Amazon, and it will apparently be somehow divine. I mean, look at that halo. Truly this is the Zeus of phones... wait, what?

2014-12-17 00_18_25-Amazon.in_ Activating God Mode_ Electronics

I won't pretend to know how marketing works in India, but this ad campaign seems really weird from my western frame of reference. It's mixing pantheons with the angel thing and then tossing Zeus in there, but I digress. The teaser images make the phone look an awful lot like a rebranded 5.5-inch Coolpad F2. There were a few variants of that phone, some with MediaTek chips and others based on Qualcomm. It's not clear what the Yu will have to offer hardware-wise.

The Cyanogen Google+ account confirmed there's an announcement happening Thursday with a Yu image attached. That's all the confirmation I need.

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