The Mint app has a case of hyperactive redesign. This devastating disease is characterized by rapid design changes, fluctuating icons, and death. Okay, not so much the last one. Still, the Mint app is getting more design tweaks in the most recent update, which is mostly okay.

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Here's the changelog for v3.8.

  • Improved App Startup Time
  • Improved Data Refresh Speed
  • Fresh New Look and Feel
  • Added Floating Android Action Button To Create Manual Transactions
  • Squished Bugs


After you get used to finding the new icon in your app drawer, you'll probably notice the floating action button. It's there so you can add manual transactions, but it feels a little out of place as it covers up the UI. The shade of green throughout the app is different, and tablets have a bit more green in the design. If you wanna see just how green (super-green), you'll have to download the app.