Update: The wide rollout appears to be a go. Hearthstone is live for us here in the US, and we're hearing from readers in other countries that it's now available as well.

Blizzard's notoriously addictive and enjoyable ETCG Hearthstone is now available for Android tablets - if you live in the right region. Blizzard has started a geo-restricted rollout of the immensely popular title in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. The game is also only compatible with tablets, with Blizzard stating a phone version may be in the cards next year.

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Players on Android will receive a free pack of cards after completing their first game, and of course being that Hearthstone is powered by Blizzard's Battle.net, the game should be fully cross-compatible with the iOS version in terms of sync and online play.

Like the rest of you not in the aforementioned countries, I too am waiting with great anxiety for the larger rollout to begin "in the coming days" on Google Play and the Amazon Appstore.

If you've not played Hearthstone and are wary of the IAP aspect, fear not - Hearthstone is widely-regarded as one of the most fair and accessible free-to-play games currently available. While players throwing money at their decks do have an advantage in terms of card selection and variety, players who choose to forego investment are by no means hamstrung. Blizzard does make it such that you must pay for content packs if you want them - the only one currently available is the Naxxramas scenario, which will set you back $25, though allow you to play through some fun story scenarios earning you some impressive cards along the way.

Price: Free+