LG was fast to toot its own horn after being the first OEM to (sort of) push out a Lollipop update. That original OTA only went out to Poland, but now users of the international D855 model are getting their updates all across Europe.


The Android build number is LRX21R with LG software version V20e. This is a 5.0 build, not 5.0.1, but the Android build is dated a few weeks ago, so that's not surprising. Also, it's odd to see Lollipop without the new nav buttons. I've grown rather attached to them.

The D855 is a bit different than its US counterparts. It comes in both 16GB and 32GB variants, whereas all the US models are 32GB. As for the US G3 update, it still has to wind its way through the carrier approval process. That could take weeks or months—you can never tell.

[Reddit /u/Stagnantdwarves – Thanks, Nicholas McDonald]