Waking up is not usually awesome, but with the Hale Dreamer Alarm Clock you can at least feed your gadget-lust first thing in the morning. This is an all-in-one phone charging stand and alarm clock that works with a dedicated app. It's $99 full price and currently listed for $79.99 on Amazon (rated 4 stars), but StackSocial has it for just $55.99 with free shipping.

2014-12-15 03_16_34-Hale Dreamer Alarm Clock For Android _ StackSocial

The Dreamer works with any phone thanks to its open dock tray. Simply plug in the phone via USB and audio, and run the Hale Dreamer app to manage alarms and notifications. It has a physical snooze button on the device itself and a 10-watt speaker to make sure you wake up. It can also be used to play music or other audio when you're awake.

This deal is available for the next three days and includes free shipping. Note, this is one of those US-only things.