CBS's sports offering has gotten a tweaked look along with some meaningful functionality enhancements in its latest update, making it among the best options for an all-purpose sports app. Most notably, you'll see that it has a new Material Design-esque interface. Dive in further and you'll find new and improved basketball play-by-play, customizable alerts, and more.

CBSSportsScreenshot3 CBSSportsScreenshot2 CBSSportsScreenshot

The older interface already lent itself to the new Google design guidelines, so this isn't a wholesale change. Likewise, there aren't many elevated elements nor are there the trademark animations popping up in the newer Google apps or the system UI of Lollipop devices. Even so, CBS claims it's Material Design, and it does look better, so you can enjoy that.

More useful is the addition of real-time score updates for basketball games, which was pretty clunky to follow while they were in progress. NHL games now have game logs as well. By going into team notification settings, you can now use your own media files for the notification sound, too. Another improvement to alerts is that in addition to team-related articles, new videos will appear in push notifications. CBS actually does a good job at giving alerts for interesting news without notifying too much, so this change just improves upon an existing strength.

If you're in the market for a new sports app on your phone, you should give CBS Sports a shot. Its responsive design makes it look good on tablets as well.