OK, European readers. We know Google doesn't always put a rush on features and products outside of the United States. America got lane guidance (which tells you which lane to get into before you approach a turn or exit) way back in May. It looks like US roads were the only ones on which this feature was available, at least until yesterday, when Google announced lane guidance for some European countries on the official Google Europe blog.

Product_LaneGuidance_v1_r1 copy

Specifically, users in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the Republic of Ireland now have access to lane guidance while turn-by-turn navigation is active. You don't need to update your app - the lane guides should simply appear beneath your next route adjustment. The new feature applies to iOS as well, for those of you with an iPhone or iPad in addition to your Android device.

Of course, while this update applies to some of the largest countries in Western Europe, there are still a lot of countries left out. Hopefully Google can augment its data to enable lane guidance in more locations soon.

Source: Google Europe blog - thanks, Oleg Mazin!

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