Ok Google, Show me images of Chris Hemsworth. Awwww, that's what I'm talking about! *Clears throat*. Oh hi, I didn't see you there. Come in. We're serving some cool images right to your wrist in the form of Google Image searches on Android Wear. Want some? You'll need the latest Wear update (I don't recall this working before and neither does our tipster - correct us if we're wrong) and you should initiate an image search by asking Google to "show images of [subject]" or "show photos of [subject]."


Very inception. Much round. Wow.

What you'll get back is a series of thumbnail images displayed on your watch. You can swipe through them and open the one you want on your phone. Scrolling down reveals the regular Google search result that used to be the default behavior before. That's all you need to know. Go enjoy this new entertaining and useful feature.

android-wear-image-search-3 android-wear-image-search-2

Name the two coolest things in the world

Thanks, John Awad!