The LTE Nexus 9 is finally on sale, and the Magic Cover for the tablet is breaking cover for the first time as well. This accessory was announced alongside the tablet, but has yet to go on sale anyplace. If you head to HTC's website, you can buy one starting today, but it's only available in the coral amethyst color.

2014-12-12 13_20_38-HTC America Online Store - Google Nexus 9 Magic Cover - Coral Amethyst

The Magic Cover is $39.99 and ships in 1-3 business days. It connects to magnets situated around the periphery of the tablet so it can cover the screen and act as a stand. It's a little like the Shield Tablet. The coral amethyst version of the cover is a sort of peachy-red on the outside and dark red on the inside.

There are also black, mint indigo, and lime stone covers for the Nexus 9, but they haven't appeared for sale yet. The coral amethyst case is pretty buried on HTC's site, so maybe the other will quietly appear soon.

[HTC – Thanks, Christopher Santos]