Update: India isn't the only country invited to the party. In a blog post, Google has announced that offline viewing is now available in Indonesia and the Philippines as well.


While hyping up the Android One initiative a couple months ago, Google revealed that it would bring the ability to save YouTube clips for offline viewing to India. The feature is now going live. Users throughout the country are noticing the option to save clips for later use.

A download icon appears underneath videos that, once pressed, prompt users to store the content in standard or high definition. To drive home the purpose of the feature, YouTube provides the file sizes next to each option. This way users can see how much data they will use and the amount of space they must have remaining on their device.

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A YouTube Music Key subscription isn't required for use, as people are able to download music videos and other content alike. The clips are then accessible in the Offline section of the YouTube app, where they're watchable without an Internet connection.

Source: Imgur

Thanks, Rajan and others.