Before Chromebooks and Android, Google blew peoples' minds with its web services alone. Translate was one of them. Here was a website that took in whatever you typed and spat out something that at least kind of resembled the same words in a different language. Even now, translations aren't spot on, but it usually gets close enough to convey the message.

Google is still expanding the service, and now the company is ready to introduce support for ten additional languages. Chichewa (Malawi and surrounding areas), Malagasy (Madagascar), and Sesotho (Lesotho and South Africa) represent Africa. In Central Asia, there is Kazakh (Kazakhstan), Tajik (Tajikistan), and Uzbek (Uzbekistan). Then there's Malayalam in India, Myanmar (the official language of Myanmar), Sinhala (Sri Lanka), and Sundanese (the island of Java in Indonesia) in South and Southeast Asia.

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This brings the total number up to 90. If Google Translate doesn't yet support your language, you can do your part to help out. And if you want to take these translations with you on the go, be sure to grab the Android app from the Play Store below.

Google Translate
Google Translate
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