Here's a feature I have yearned for in Android Wear since I first used my LG G Watch: disabling the gesture monitoring that wakes the screen when you tilt the watch toward you. Sure, it feels a bit magical at first, but I am a fairly active person and I wave and gesture a lot when I'm talking. This means that my watch's screen keeps turning on when I'm running, driving, or just having a regular conversation. It's distracting, especially at night when I'm driving or riding in a car, and it sure wasn't helping the battery life either. Wear 5.0.1 solves this issue for me and everyone else who has been annoyed by it.


A new option appears in the updated Android Wear 1.0.5 companion appTilt to wake screen. Leaving it enabled means that the watch will keep on behaving like it always did, waking up when you tilt it toward you. But you now have the possibility to disable the setting, which means that the gesture will no longer trigger the screen. This option doesn't affect your Always-on screen mode: if you have that enabled, the watch will stay dimly-lit when you look at it, and if you have disabled it, the watch's screen will remain completely off. To wake the screen, you either tap it or click the On button (if applicable).

Go ahead, Google is giving you permission to shake your hands.