Ever since the Play Store's latest design revamp, several listing details got buried in the expandable description under "Read More." Many of these have been resurfacing back to the main app page or have had their visibility improved over several Play Store and server-side updates (like the download badges), and it looks like Content Rating — or Maturity, Parental — is the next detail to get a prominent upgrade.

Some users have started seeing a change in the way the Play Store displays Content Rating on apps and games — it doesn't seem to affect movies, music, or other sections of Play yet. In the app's main listing page, a square with the minimum appropriate age will show up next to the developer's name. These squares are color-coded too, with blue for 10 years, orange for 14, and red for 16. The rating will also be further detailed in the app's description, with a break down of the reasons that make it inappropriate below a certain age.

parental-rating-1 parental-rating-2

New above, old below

parental-rating-3 parental-rating-4

This seems like a server-side change, with select users running Play Store v5.1.11 (like most of us) seeing it — it doesn't show up for me, although I'm on the same version. It's also only visible on the mobile side of the Play Store for now.

We'll probably have to wait for Google to flip the switch for all of us, and it might take a bit longer to reach the Web and other content sections of Play. But it's cool to know that soon, you should be able to tell at a glance if that new Games Of Thrones game is appropriate for Junior or not.

Thanks Duyllyan, Rodrigo!