Sometimes you just want to kick back and play a nice dual-stick shooter. Oh, there are plenty of them out there, but Inferno from Radiangames has been one of the finest examples available. Now the predictably named sequel, Inferno 2 has arrived on Android. Get your thumbs ready.

Again, you're a tiny glowing ship with bottomless stockpiles of ammo to hurl at any and all objects that float toward you. They're probably all bad guys anyway. There are over 80 stages with three different difficulty levels. As you blast your way through the waves of foes, you will collect resources with which to upgrade your weapons.

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The graphics are again heavy on lighting and particle effects, but everything looks a little sharper than the original. Inferno 2 has plenty of graphical options for older devices too. This was an insta-buy for me.

Inferno 2
Inferno 2
Developer: Radiangames
Price: $0.99