If you fire up a game on Android with Play Games integration, you may notice something new. The level cap for those at the top of the XP heap has been raised to 25, and the icon border is blue. It used to be 20 with a pink border around the icon. That means you may be a whole five imaginary points better than your friends now.

2014-12-10 15.22.33 2014-12-10 15.24.39

The Play Games level is based on the experience you've earned from playing games across a variety of categories. It lists all the genres your XP comes from and assigns you a title based on that. For example, I'm apparently a "Pinball Player" because I have more experience points from arcade games than any other category.

Google seems to have flipped the switch on December 8th, as evidenced by my meteoric rise from level 20 to 25 on that day. It would be nice if the levels meant something, but it's still just a number. It's slightly bigger now, so I guess that's okay.

[Thanks, Dominic Powell]