DeviantArt. Is there anywhere else that you can find such a wretched hive of scum and villainy? Well yes, if we're talking about the Internet, there certainly is. But none of them have quite the same air of desperate hipness and needy self-approval as the long-running digital art gallery and quasi social network. Now if you'd like to browse through millions of pieces of user-submitted art or manage your own profile, you can do so with the official DeviantArt Android app.

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I shouldn't judge. There is some legitimately amazing work on DeviantArt, and I only know about the site because I was an active member many, many moons ago. Graphic designers know it's a great place to find Creative Commons resources. But it's impossible to deny that the chaff far exceeds the wheat on DeviantArt, which might be why the Android app is structured more or less like Pinterest and similar apps, with the social activity raising the most interesting art to the front page. The default "Today" section features curated picks from the editorial staff. You can share or comment on any piece on the site.

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Search results for "Michael the Hedgehog." Try it with your name. If you dare.

Nothing's off limits for DeviantArt members: you can submit art (presumably intended primarily for mobile photos, but I suppose anything goes) and text to your own gallery, or send Twitter-style status updates to your personal feed. Notifications will alert you to new comments or replies. If none of that appeals, you're free to browse through art without logging in. The app is free and available for most Android 4.0.3+ devices.

Developer: DeviantArt, Inc.
Price: Free