Republic Wireless announced a few weeks ago that it would be selling the new Moto X for a reasonably discounted price of $399. Today that deal is getting a little sweeter with an extra $50 off. This deal is only good for 24 hours, and it starts right now.

2014-12-10 01_54_17-Moto X 2nd Gen. _ No Contract Phone _ Republic Wireless

You can order the device through Republic's site or Moto Maker, and the $50 off coupon will automatically be applied at checkout. No rushing to a website to sign up for a code like with Motorola's promotions. A total of $150 off the regular price isn't bad. The deal runs from 8:00 am Pacific on Wednesday, December 10th (right now) to 8:00 am Pacific on Thursday.

Keep in mind this version of the Moto X has a few tweaks that allow it to run on Republic's hybrid cellular-WiFi calling system. It uses Sprint for mobile data, but prices for the plans are low—just $40 with unlimited calls, text, and LTE data (throttled after 5GB). There will be some update delays as a result, and it ships with KitKat.