Update: Here are better screenshots a reader has sent us.

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Indosat, update: one of the largest mobile carriers in Indonesia, appears to have added support for Play Store billing. This means that subscribers throughout the world's fourth most populated country should be able to pay for Google Play content by adding the fees to their monthly bills.

Indonesia has not yet appeared on Google's list of supported carriers, but the carrier has provided information on its own website. Here's the provided imagery, which unfortunately is rather blurry.


This change is good for consumers because it gives them more choice, allowing them to commit to purchase content in the future that they may not be able to pick up today. It also saves them from seeing a string of individual charges appear on their credit card statement. And since all of this encourages more shopping, we don't see Google complaining.

Source: Indosat

Thanks, Danny S Sanjaya.

Thanks Pak Tata​​ for the screenshots.