Update: Want a slightly older model for an even better price? The Harmony Smart Control package is $79.99, fifty dollars off, and includes most of the same functionality. It's lacking the included buttons on the larger remote for home automation, which won't matter much if you don't have any compatible hardware and/or you intend to use your smartphone anyway. This deal also disappears after today.



You can control your Chromecast with your Android phone. You can control a Roku, Android TV, game console, or even your cable box with your phone. But unless you own one of the Samsung or HTC devices with a built-in infrared port, you probably can't control a TV set or a DVD or Blu-Ray player without reaching for some stone age hunk of plastic. If that's frustrating for you, check out the Logitech Harmony Home Control gadget, on sale on Amazon's daily deal portal.


Normally the Home Control programmable IR hub runs $150, but today it's discounted to $112.49, a 25% reduction. You can grab the black or white version to fit in with your living room décor, and Amazon Prime customers get free two-day shipping. While the Harmony Home Control comes with a hulking great plastic remote control that can manage up to eight devices simultaneously, the big draw is the Harmony app, which allows users to both program the main gadget for component controls and set up customized touchscreen remotes for different situations.

The Home Hub comes with both the main component and a mini-blaster, which should be able to control any AV components that are tucked away in a closed cabinet or cover. It's also compatible with at least some non-IR devices, including some home automation hardware and the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii. The app (linked below) is compatible with Android 4.0 or higher. This deal is available for another eighteen hours at the time of writing (expires at midnight Pacific), or until the stock runs out.

Amazon: Logitech Harmony Home Control - $112.49

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