When a new version of Android lands, there's often a sizeable lag period before it's running on a significant number of devices out in the wild. We generally know why that is, too: manufacturers take varying lengths to update their products, and while they do receive early access to new versions of Android, nothing can be fully completed until Google releases the relevant source code for the platform. Add in things like carrier certification for phones, OEM software modifications, chipset-level support, and other factors, and you have a big stew of contingencies that can add months to the wait for the newest version of Android.

While we can see that, as of a week or so ago, Lollipop isn't yet running on more than 0.1% of Android devices out in the wild, I'm curious to know how many Android Police readers are using 5.0 already. Whether you bought a new Nexus, got the OTA on an old one, have a Motorola device, or are using a custom ROM - it's not a matter of how you got it, just whether you have it at all.

So, what say you - how many Lollipop warriors do we have?

Are any of your Android devices running Lollipop yet?

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