Fans of online PC action games will be aware of World of Tanks, a popular free-to-play tank simulator that's frequently updated with added content. iOS has had access to a simplified version for over a year, which would normally cause some ire among Android gamers. But I'm prepared to give developer Wargaming a pass on this one, since World of Tanks Blitz is launching with cross-platform play between Android and iOS, ensuring a healthy population of online players right from the start.

World of Tanks is a soft sim: while it does include authentic tank models and battlefields inspired by WWII locations, the third-person perspective and forgiving controls put the focus squarely on the combat. Primary battle modes pit two teams of seven against each other, and in this version of Blitz, any combination of Android and iOS players will be able to duke it out. You won't be playing against PC gamers - their access to a mouse and keyboard would make for an unfair advantage, not to mention the added technical difficulty. The game includes tutorials for the uninitiated and an in-game chat function, though I imagine that will be difficult with the virtual controls. There's no mention of external controller support.

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World of Tanks Blitz is free to play, but in-app purchases for currency will unlock different tank models and upgrades faster. Wargaming is fast to point out that nothing in the game is off-limits to free players who play long enough, but there's no denying that paying players have an advantage in online games. You'll want a powerful Android device to handle the 3D graphics, and a fast connection with a low ping for the best online results.