The latest version of the Sonos Android app makes life easier for families and roommates alike. Instead of juggling a single login, users can now hop around between multiple accounts. The software is capable of handling up to 32, large enough to stick in the lounge of a college dorm. Each account has its own nickname and custom music experience.

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We first saw multi-account support rolled into the beta early last month, and it wasn't alone.

5.2 also brings PLAYBAR sound enhancements. People who have purchased the soundbar should notice an improved soundstage and better balance regardless of volume levels.

People who don't own a PLAYBAR speaker may still be glad to see improvements in the search experience that makes it easier to pull up music from a variety of sources.


Devices running Android 4.0 or higher can display Sonos controls right on the lockscreen. For the full list of changes, you can skim through the release notes at the source link below.

Sonos S1 Controller
Sonos S1 Controller
Developer: Sonos, Inc
Price: Free

Source: Sonos